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QED Performance Audio Graphite

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QED Performance Audio Graphite



+ Shielded Phono Cables - Stereo Pair
+ Lengths available: 0.6m, 1.0m, 3.0m, 5.0m
+ QED Lifetime Warranty

QED's newly launched Graphite audio cable is a 99.999% OFC high performance analogue audio cable. Each conductor consists of two OFC central conductors, each shielded with an Aluminised Mylar Foil wrap and 24 AWG drain wire. The conductors are isolated from the outer jacket with a Mylar wrap and the cable is then finished with a flexible Graphite jacket.

The phono connectors are 24k Gold plated with Zinc Alloy plated brass barrels for superior screening, Connectors feature Teflon insulators and easy grip barrels for ease of fitting and removal.


Performance Audio is designed specifically for the stereo transmission of line level analogue audio signals - Ensure that both sources being connected have RCA phono sockets. 

Equipment interconnection: DVD RCA phono audio output to stereo amplifier / CD Player RCA audio output to amplifier RCA phono Input / DAB Tuner RCA phono output to stereo amplifier.

This cable is directional and needs to be fitted with the arrows (printed on the jacket) pointing away from the source and towards the receiver.

  • TickThis cable offers exceptional performance for its price through its use of twisted quasi-balanced conductor geometry for the signal and return conductors to give a useful reduction in noise induced distortion.
  • TickHum rejection is good due to the aluminized Mylar wrap which provide a 100% electrostatic screen. The screen is not used as the return signal path and so both screening and signal integrity are optimized.

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