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Hỗ trợ trực tuyến
Hỗ trợ trực tuyến
Kinh Doanh iPhone - iPad
043.9364333 ext 101
Kinh Doanh Máy ảnh
043.9363839 ext 102
KD Máy tính Apple Máy
043.9386998 ext 103
Kỹ thuật iPhone - iPad
043.9364333 ext 105
Bảo hành - Sửa chữa
043.9363839 ext 104
1.500.000 VNĐ
1.500.000 VNĐ
The SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive is an amazing storage device for those with an iPhone or iPad that need some extra storage, or even just a way to backup photos and videos of loved ones (without using the cloud). by otterman The latest version looks to be a step backwards. Now it freezes on every other file I try to view.

And STILL it spends minutes "arranging [my] content" every time I plug in the drive, in my case a 128GB drive so it takes many minutes. What is the app possibly arranging? It's not benefiting me, just slowing me down. If it's trying to arrange by file type, please make that an option - I know where my files are and how to get to them via View Files. Please STOP trying to "help" us. 

Wow, what a let-down! The older app that works with the slower USB 2 drive works much better than this. It has its issues, but it will actually play video files. And it doesn't default to portrait orientation when the video pla... freezes.

And what's with the useless messages in that huge wasted space? Can you make that an option in a future update? I've transferred 0 photos because that's how many I want to transfer; I don't need a reminder.

Finally, why are you "arranging [my] content so [I] don't have to"? It's not clear what is being done, but I'd prefer to do whatever it's doing myself. How about letting us decide. App needs a lot of work        by Pamphiloo The idea is great but the software not so much. You can "secure" you're files in a different folder with a password but it lets you see the file without requesting a password. What's the point of those so call secure files then??!. It copies a lot the files twice or more, takes really long to back up files and sometimes you can't even see the files you have saved. Likes i said, the app still needs a lot of work.   The Device & App Do Not Work!!!        by RF MIXER I have an iPhone 6 Plus with iOS 10 (tried multiple versions up to 10.1) and I cannot get the app/device to copy files from my iPhone to SD Flash Drive. App often stalls or quits. I spent $40 on this Device with the intention of copying my Photos and Videos off my iPhone to clear space. This does not work. Do not buy this Device or download this App. Sorry to share this.  
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